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Early & Growth stage software companies present growth obstacles

They replace existing crappy solutions that have been used to solve complex problems. 

That’s why you created your software startup, to replace those popularized systems and provide a greater experience.

Probably those crappy solutions are being used by millions (and generating billions) to inefficiently serve the same problem that your software amazingly does. 

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Why conventional SEO won’t work for early-stage:

Conventional SEO needs to be paired with excellent knolwedge on the customer, the product and how it is being sold to them.

Most early-stage startups lack buyer intelligence.

And usually, they jump straight into spending THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on marketing, including a full-fledge content strategy.

It is in fact that most of them, don’t know how to convert visitors into leads. Resulting in now new MRR from SEO or Content.

They try to create only informational, and very top-of-the-funnel content, instead of working it backwards. BOF > MOF > TOF.

Here are crucial tactics to make an SEO strategy successful:

  • Targeting the Bottom of The Funnel (software comparisons, best software in X category listicle articles).
  • Unpacking the product, and creating content based on the user journey.
  • Creating whitepapers to enhance and provide value to the reader.
  • Finding specific keywords based on customer's support tickets (customer research).
  • Creating content that resonates (higher engagement).
  • Finding jobs-to-be-done and writing about them.
  • Creating the right lead magnet offers and providing specific value inside blog articles.
  • Create pages for use cases and integrations 

What is BravoAlt?

BravoAlt is a community, and a program to help you create a hands-free automated SEO growth system to brings you 30 SQLs per month via SEO. All of that in 6 months.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration


We are very passionate about bringing excellence and creating world-wide marketing successful ventures with SEO.


Understanding past metrics and industry benchmarks to repeat them with you.


The only way to jumpstart growth is through relentless execution with very quick turnarounds.


We care about financial factors and bringing the most amount of value and revenue via SEO.

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What you'll get in this membership

This community is being opened for $79 EUR to guide you through the process of achieving 30 SQLs per month with SEO.

You will receive:

  • 1 weekly call (Google Meet)
  • Volume analysis of your current software category (Spreadsheet)
  • Template for customer survey (Google Docs)
  • Help on creating a system for picking or choosing content (even if you have a complex product)
  • Access to 1:1 telegram channel
  • Audit of your content strategy (Notion document)
  • Audit of your website and technical SEO (Notion document)
  • How to outsource an automatic link-building strategy to VAs (Google Docs)
  • How to outsource SEO & forecast ROI
  • Solve Hubspot issues (message me)
  • Content creation best practices & how to optimize the SEO process (Google Docs)
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