Outreach.io SEO Strategy: How to Dominate Sales Engagement

Outreach.io SEO Strategy: How to Dominate Sales Engagement

While making this article, I happened to find the term "seo outreach strategy". People looking to use outreach strategies to build backlinks. But this is not the teaching of this content.

In this article, we're going to deep dive into the inner workings of Outreach.  How is their marketing team executing content, and growing their tool with SEO.

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Outreach.io in Forrester Wave Matrix

SEO Strategy

We estimate that Outreach.io bring about 119,860 organic visitors per month. As of February 17th, 2023, Outreach.io's best-performing positions are:

  • "outreach" with 594,000 searches a year, landing in the 1st position.
  • "b2b sales" with this article - 118.800 searches a year
  • "revenue intelligence" with this article - 43.200 searches a year
  • "email subject lines for sales" with this article - 97.200 searches a year
  • "customer engagement" with this article - 52.800 searches a year

One interesting position they've obtained is outbound prospecting. Using "The Best Outbound Sales Strategies and KPIs To Track Performance" article.

How do people search for sales engagement software?

The biggest term for this software category seems to be "sales". As Salesforce is ranking number 5 for this. We can also see, how the word "prospecting" has +210.000 searches a year, with ZoomInfo in the 6th position. We do also have "sales funnel" with Salesforce ranking number one for +110.000 persons looking for it.

Sales Prospecting Strategy Guide: 4 Steps to Find More Prospects by ZoomInfo

If we were to make a list of how people search for sales intelligence, Salesforce owns most of them. Searches like: "cold call", "sales pipeline", "sales process", "sales tools", "sdr sales", "sales strategy",  and "sales cycle".

What about conversation intelligence?

The query "conversation intelligence" has +43.000 searches per year and Gong.io owns it. Same with "conversation intelligence software". While with "call intelligence", outreach.io seems to have a closer ranking opportunity. They've recently launched Kaia, an  AI-driven call assistant.


A black box of search terms around sales intelligence

There are countless search terms yet to be discovered for sales intelligence solutions. Shockingly, some folks remain unaware of these solutions, even of Outreach.

We've sourced and compiled the exact search terms on Google Sheets. Worth 891,276 monthly volume.

We obtained these search terms by studying the customer journey of Outreach.io and its competitors. By establishing the basics of search psychology for enterprise sales engagement.

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For us to realize the complete scope of this content. We've taken the time to make different sorts of gap analyses.

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