Exploring the Search Trends for Seed-to-Sale Solutions

Exploring the Search Trends for Seed-to-Sale Solutions

Although seed-to-sale solutions are becoming more popular in the cannabis industry, there is still a lack of awareness about cannabis software solutions in the digital space.

Trying to grow your Seed-to-Sale software? At BravoAlt we’ve reunited the most comprehensive search analysis of the cannabis industry software.

Our method for researching searcher psychology is unique, and it ranges from certain research papers, organic positions of main players, use cases, pain points, and pretty much everything.

Leaflink’s, Flowhub, & SEO strategy

In order to understand their SEO efforts, we need to have a look at their most-performing positions:

Leaflink ranks for:

  • weed leaf” at the 3rd position, the term alone has 397.200 searches a year. More than 5 million searches a year if we sum their variations.
  • "marijuana leaf” which amounts to a similar volume to that one, and ranks in the 1st position.
  • wholesale cannabis” and "wholesale weed” at the 6th to 8h position, which amounts to 204,000 to 513,000 searches per month in the US.

Flowhub ranks for:

  • Best-related terms like l“best cannabis growers podcasts”, “best cannabis websites”, and “which state has the best weed
  • cannabis crm” with this article, 1.080 searches a year - They’ve created a partners page where they mention different integrations like Sprout, Strain, Sprinbig, and other data analytics tools.
  • dutchie” is bringing them a high volume stream of people interested in that integration. Variations are estimated in 216,000 searches per month.
  • is weed legal in [US State]”, where Michigan, and Oklahoma people look at the regulations of their products, Flowhub is ranking for some of those in the 1st position and others at the 5th

7 Michigan Cannabis Laws You Must Know - Flowhub article

  • opening a dispensary” at the first position with an estimated 150.000 searches per month considering its variations.
Getting Started Guide: How to Open a Dispensary By Flowhub

How much organic traffic do they bring?

Flowhub brings around 31.118 new organic visitors per month. And Leaflink? We are unsure about it.

Understanding Seed-to-Sales, POS, Dispensary, & ERP

How do cannabis businesses search for these solutions?

For transactional terms “marijuana marketplace”,  and “marketplace dispensary” volumes still need to be defined.

Also, we’re surprised by the amount of volume “mjbizcon 2022” with 23,300 searches per month, our recommendation, if you are in this industry, is to completely create content around that conference. Lots of untapped awareness.

For “cannabis supply chain”, the keyword itself there are around 1,000 searches per month.

For “cannabis distribution software”, Mj Platform ranks first.

There are also specific distribution centers like Stash House and Ox. The main keyword trend here is "oklahoma cannabis distribution”. Future cannabis entrepreneurs are looking for "distribution license california”. The estimated monthly volume is 50,400.

Synchronizing orders. Ditstru ranks for:

  • cannabis inventory management
  • cannabis distributors
  • seed inventory spreadsheet

What about dispensaries?

dispensary near me” has 458,300 thousand people searching for it per month. Leafly gets approximately 1,300,000 million visitors from it.

LeafLink | The Wholesale Cannabis Platform
LeafLink has become a major player in the legal cannabis industry, providing valuable partnerships for both brands and retailers. As of now, LeafLink serves around half of the U.S. wholesale cannabis industry in 30 markets, demonstrating its significance and reach in the industry -

What about medicinal use cases?

While this is more B2C oriented, we can do it. Finding how and what people search around these pain points:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Nausea and vomiting reduction
  3. Appetite stimulation
  4. Anxiety and depression management
  5. Epilepsy and seizure treatment
  6. Insomnia and sleep disorder management

If you’d like to know about our estimations on these, with the exact terms on how people search for these subscribe to our newsletter in our footer (at the bottom of our website).

A black box of search terms around cannabis software solutions

Despite the growing trend of seed-to-sale solutions in the cannabis industry, there is still a significant lack of awareness about cannabis software solutions in the digital sphere. There are countless undiscovered search terms for seed-to-sale software solutions that could benefit businesses in the industry. By utilizing some of the terms presented in this article, we have identified low-competition search terms with a whopping 30,891,276 UNTAPPED monthly search volume.

Presenting a great opportunity for cannabis software companies to increase their online presence and connect with potential customers

What about analytics?

Mybi” helps maximize profits with product segmentation, there are 1.500 monthly searches for it. At a broader scale “bi reporting” has 59,700 searches per month.


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