How B2B SaaS Increased Traffic by 160% in Less Than 8 Months
Case Study

How B2B SaaS Increased Traffic by 160% in Less Than 8 Months

In less than 8 months, was able to grow its total organic traffic by +160% traffic and bring an extra 153.8k monthly impressions.

What is is a contract management solution situated in Berlin, Germany that offers its product to enterprises. It helps them reduce revenue leakage and friction between teams by accommodating the legal and contract process.

The growth challenge

  • A separate channel from outbound cold calling needed to be established.
  • Content marketing for the English sectors inside Europe were not targeted.
  • The product was quite complex, so understanding it first was a must for creating revenue-driving content.
  • Industry awareness needed to be captured thus a large sector of the market needed to be educated on the benefits of automating processes for legal departments. 
  • The co-founder had pretty much responsibilities in his hands, thus someone in charge of pushing growth hacking strategies and managing writers was needed.

The SEO solution

The first step is very carefully analyzing the status quo of content and overall marketing strategies.

Some of the implementations including:

  • Technical SEO: Duplicated content, page speed performance, internal linking, and UX improvements were needed to set up the right foundations.
  • Content changes: Improved past content pages and got for some of them a stagnating +860% of YOY traffic.
  • Bottom of the Funnel content: Pages comparing other software solutions similar to
  • Intelligent content strategy: Every software is unique, and has a unique USP that needs to be understood by marketing collaborators to resonate with the target audience. This content strategy was all about unpacking the product and communicating appropietly.
  • Integrate with B2B Intent Data Software: Identify companies visiting’s website to handle SDRs allowing them to create +15 demo calls per month.

The results

During the course of 8 months, non-branded organic traffic increased by 2.4x. Several articles are driving SQLs and facilitated their entry into the European market, in which gained more than 110% of visibility around countries like Switzerland, the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

As a result, confirmed SEO as their key customer acquisition channel, accounting today for 38.1% of their total traffic acquisition.

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