Zoom SEO Strategy: How They Became Go-To for Video Meetings

Zoom SEO Strategy: How They Became Go-To for Video Meetings

Zoom, a $1 billion dollar startup, made headlines in 2019 when it announced its plans to go public. In this analysis, we will take a look at Zoom's SEO strategy and performance in search results.

Content strategy and how Zoom tackled brand marketing

From the beginning to becoming the leaders in video conferencing they tried to answer the question:

“Why leave the market leader and start Zoom?”

Consider Cisco WebEx, and GoTo were bigger players back then.

Zoom’s content in 2014

Back then, Zoom had 258 keywords in the top 3 and 40M users. They were positioned for keywords like “video meetings”, and “cloud-based video conferencing”, and newer keywords like “screen sharing with sound” and “host meeting” were rising up.

An internal document from Zoom's Head of Communications and Head of Product Marketing from that time revealed their plan to become the go-to expert in video conferencing. They aimed to provide in-depth insights and information about their product, video conferencing best practices, and events that interest their customers, via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In our blog, we provide in-depth insight and information about our product, video conferencing best practices, and events that interest our customers. We disseminate this information via our various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Biggest search terms for Video Conferencing Software

Popular video conferencing software search terms include "video link", "meeting", "when to meet", "click here to join the meeting", "calling app", "video conference", and "online meeting". These keywords suggest a desire for remote communication and collaboration tools such as scheduling, hosting virtual meetings, easy access and participation, voice/video calls and remote meetings solutions.

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Multi-million dollar keywords for this solution.

Where Zoom is underperforming in the US

One particular weak position within Zoom is "free video meetings" where they are positioned at number 27, while WebEx is 11. We’re talking about the US here. For “web meeting free software” the gap is increasing, they are at the 47th position while GoTo is in the 14th. Speaking for the US.

Why is that?

Zoom is performing poorly in the US for keywords related to free video conferencing likely because Zoom is not a free service. Google has sufficient intelligence to understand conversions within search results conversions and other sorts of things that indicate user intent fulfillment.

Zoom's biggest year - 2020.

How did their content change?

In 2020, Zoom faced several security issues, such as "Zoom bombing" and concerns over how it handled user data. This may have affected the way users perceive and search for the brand.

What are the topics Zoom covers?

Within one keyword there are other variations inside that spectrum on how people search based upon that seed term. For example: schedule a meeting calendar. With 93,409,200 million visits per month, 8.52K keywords of those represent branded keyword terms, and 63.55K keywords non-branded.

Zoom current organic search volume topics distribution

How much revenue Zoom brings each month with SEO?

Imagine, having access to Zoom’s Google Search Console, and getting insights on every keyword, click, and low-hanging fruits. We manage to do something similar. Our estimation is that Zoom brings approximately 10,000 MQLs and $10M worth of new subscriptions from organic search each month. Among the articles that bring the most amount of new remote people looking for a video conferencing tool, the following articles appear on that list:

Hope you get an idea of Zoom’s content strategy and what is pulling their SEO performance.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams and Google Meet: Who wins?

At BravoAlt, we conducted a keyword gap analysis of 8 million keywords to compare the use cases and applications of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo, WebEx, and Google Meet for video conferencing.

We found that Zoom is outperforming Google and Microsoft in certain areas. Zoom is driving more awareness for video conferencing tools than Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. We’ve analyzed the search results on Google and Microsoft to understand which positions they are losing to Zoom.

Specifically, we found that the three platforms rank together for 12,800 keywords, and we can further explore their specific weaknesses.

Disputes between Microsoft and Zoom

Here are some keywords we’ve taken a look to analyze and conclude where these 3 video conferencing giants are:

  • click here to join the meeting (Teams win)
  • schedule a meeting (Teams win)
  • airplay mirroring (Teams win but Zoom wins for airplay mirroring iphone)
  • macos update (Teams win)
  • test camera (Teams win)
  • virtual background (Zoom win) -
  • how to screen share (Zoom win)
  • how to share audio when sharing window (Teams win)
  • online meetings (Zoom win) - online meeting (Teams win)
  • raise hand (Zoom win)
  • microphone not working (Teams win)
  • lenovo camera not working (Zoom win)
  • slide show powerpoint (Teams win)
  • meeting schedule (Teams win)
  • breakout rooms (Zoom win)

They own “video conferencing” 

None of them gets the 1st to 5th position for this main keyword, “video conferencing”, the most proximate to this term is currently Microsoft Teams at the 8th position, while Zoom the position 11 and Google Meet at the 12th.

There are 6 variations of that term where these 3 share the search engine traffic:

  • online video conferencing
  • video conferencing room
  • meeting video conferencing
  • video conferencing calls
  • video conferencing for meetings
  • video conferencing for meetings

How can you copy Zoom’s content strategy?

To copy Zoom's strategy:

  • Define a clear vision for your content and use it as a source for social media posts.

  • Start by targeting keywords with low competition but high potential for growth (i.e “host meeting” back then).

  • Utilize a database of non-branded organic keywords to target.

Unlock the secrets of Zoom's success with our exclusive database. Download our Google Sheets document and start targeting the keywords that are driving Zoom's traffic to boost your own software company's visibility.

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